Circle Neworks

Circle Networks was born out of the frustration of brilliant in-person networking that was shifted online.

We listened to frustrated networkers and took on board all that they were looking for.

  • No mute
  • No rules
  • Pay as you go
  • No category lock out
  • Permanently virtual.
  • We’re all about our members.
  • Fortnightly events but also access to all our online events, not just the group you join.
  • No pressure to refer.
  • No need to find substitutes if you can’t attend, but a focus on real relationships
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With more than half the meeting agenda in small round table discussions, we have a focus on conversation rather than passively listening for the majority of an event.

Our virtual round table format with 4 people to a table, gives each participant a flexible 4-minute spotlight. Use it to talk for 60seconds and open for questions, or any other way you think work.

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How to build better business relationships

We’ve all heard that to be successful we need to build good, strong, lasting business relationships.

Lasting business relationships just don’t happen without dedicated and consistent work. Building any relationship is like tending to a garden. It takes a lot of patience, nurturing and intention.

Top Tips on Building Relationships