Mindset Coach

Do you know who you are? Who you serve? And why you do what you do? Or do you sometimes feel you’re wasting your time, your energy – and your potential – trying to chase all those elusive shiny ideas?

Transformation at its best…

Everyone can feel this way. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for ages, it makes no difference. People can spend years chasing after shiny new things and never quite reaching them.

If you don’t yet have that clarity and understanding, you need me. KatyB.

When you work with me, you’re focused. Clear on your message and your brand. And on who you want to talk to.

Whether it’s help with making the right connections through my coaching, understanding yourself and your business better, or understanding others better, so that you can treat them the way they need treating.  Or whether its help with nutrition,  I’m here to help you.

I can’t wait to get started!

Why I’m different

Who I’m NOT: I’m never salesy. It’s just not me.

WHO I AM: I’m a streak of blue altruism. (That’s the practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others, if you needed the definition.) Known nationally as one of the best networkers around, when you work with me, you get all of me. I just love to get stuck in and HELP people. There’s a reason for this; you can ask me if you want – I’m happy to share.

The years have shown me that what goes around comes around – I know it’ll all come back round, sometime in the future. So I’m good.

Attention to Detail

Running the family flooring firm  for over 2 decades, as well as having kids, dogs and all the clobber – emotional, mental and logistical – that goes along with that, as well as being a networking legend (not my description of me!), means I’ve had to have an eye for detail and an ear to hear what is REALLY being said.

I listen very attentively. And the details that are important are sometimes the ones that lurk beneath what someone’s saying.

Don’t worry. I hear you.


Decades in business, and a lifelong belief in self-improvement are a powerful combination.

A comprehensive understanding of what makes a business successful, having had my own and worked with some large UK businesses, along with soul-searching and constantly striving to become more.

Become better.

More authentically myself.

I’ve done the courses.

Fine tuned my understanding.

Practised my skills.